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Recognizing the Market and Customer in Export

Recognizing the Market and Customer in Export

In Turkey, many companies send overseas marketing activities for the promotion of the SME scale in an email, it is the fact that this is just a sample and pass to send a price quote.However, the main criterion for the success of an export marketing activity and the continuation of this success is to get to know the target market and the target market.

This requires us to be in direct contact with our target market and our target audience, to make continuous market research and to gather information and to cooperate with professional institutions.

Only by looking at the web page of a company or evaluating a market only by statistical data may lead us to wrong results. This is for fair participation, customer visits, market research trips and consultancy services.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

William Shakespeare
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It is necessary to recognize and recognize it before you can even offer to a potential buyer or distributor. For example, what market segment does our potential customer address in terms of quality? Are they selling luxury and quality goods, or are they low in quality but cheap in terms of price? Or does it appeal to a wider segment? If so, to what extent are the high quality and sales of cheap quality products? What product is in the market in terms of quality and quality? What is the company’s market share?

Who are the competitors in the market? Is there a good distribution network? Is he importing the product himself or is he buying from an importer? How much does he buy? What are the purchase policies? For what price do you sell the products? Before making an offer, it would be appropriate to collect as much information about the company and the market as possible. Thus, we can understand whether the firm is a suitable distributor for us and we can make healthier evaluations.

Customer visits are an indispensable part of the export marketing activity. The things we can learn during a customer visit are limited. For example, the issues such as whether the company’s distribution network is good enough or not, are actually things we will learn by visiting the market. The company may not be willing to give some information. Therefore, it is worth noting that we should be generous and honest in the process of giving information about our company, our products and our activities, rather than the interview as an interview.

I also think that it is worth noting that in the first interview with a company in our minds at the moment of closing the sale or a distributorship agreement should not be an objective. The first interview is always a meeting. It is an opportunity to get to know the other side and to introduce yourself. It is an important opportunity. This opportunity is often spent when the motive of selling prevents the motive of understanding.

Lastly, the first sale to a customer in exports can take a long time. This is very natural. Establishment of trust between the parties takes time. For this reason, we should conduct a dialogue with potential buyers without reducing it to the level of product purchase-sale. We should think long-term and strategic in exports.

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