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FUTURESIA is a global trade company, that is specialized in supply chain management.

Energy & Lighting

Medical Tools

Agricultural Machinery

Food Trading

Project Based

We provide optimal support in all processes from purchasing to quality control; thanks to our competence in international trade. We fulfill procurement services of projects in all sectors in a wide range of products to be supplied. In the scope of the project undertaken, we are fully capable of procuring all materials of all the stages of project.

By means of our detailed and diligent operational approach on projects, we provide profitable and easy trading opportunities to our partner companies.

In this context, the basic services offered are led by the procurement of the product determined at the best available price and from the most reliable suppliers and assisting in all of the purchasing stages, including the quality control stage. These needs can be met in the different markets of the world and the logistics is carried out by the FUTURESIA Global Trade guarantee.

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