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Energy & Lighting

FUTURESIA’s solar-powered LED lighting and power solutions are world leaders in technology and innovation.

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Energy & Lighting

As FUTURESIA Global Trade, we have a wide and strong network in energy and lighting sector. We provide quality and solution-oriented services from the first stage to the last. In addition to purchasing solar lights, led lights, solar panels etc.; we also organize sales activities all around the world. By means of our extensive marketing network, strong financial structure and professional staff specialized in the field; we implement optimum solutions in the shortest time possible.


We provide variety of product solution

Our entire product range is powered by the clean, limitless energy of the sun. Our high quality, efficient solar panels work with our intelligent technology, such as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), to deliver energy efficiency that makes a real difference.


Experienced project manager

The FUTURESIA team has extensive expertise in solar power energy and LED illumination systems. We aim to be leaders in ‘All In One’ solar powered technology.


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FUTURESIA solar-powered LED lighting and power solutions have revolutionized solar technology with unrivaled quality and cutting edge technology

Sustainable lighting solutions

The FUTURESIA difference

FUTURESIA’s solar-powered LED lighting and power solutions are world leaders in technology and innovation. We have a lighting solution for every application, with technology that performs under the harshest of conditions.

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solar energy, LED lighting, Off-Grid Solutions

We provide variety of product solution

FUTURESIA works with an innovative, eco-friendly energy companies that provides realiable, and cost-effective on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar power systems, efficient LED lighting solutions for homes, businesses, government, institutions, public lighting system, and agriculture.

Solar Energy

Either residential, commercial, government, institutions, telecom, or tailor-made, we can provide solar + storage energy solution for your energy needs. We provide highest efficiency photovoltaic modules, inventors, MPPT solar charge controller, and etc. for your solar energy project.

LED Lighting

We provide long-lasting and reliable LED lighting for all sectors ranging from offices, public lighting, residential, petrol stations, industries, and warehouses amongst others. 

Off-Grid Solutions

From solar water pumping solutions to micro-grids, we can provide bespoke solutions for your energy needs.

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Global capacity

Based on our strong friendship and productive cooperation with select manufacturers in the Asia, we produce solar lighting products developed by our teams or partners with our own registered brand (SOLAR SOLENTURK) to our manufacturing partners. As FUTURESIA, our commercial activities are carried out by our head office in Konya and all our global trade activities are carried out under the leadership of our responsible manager in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Thanks to our authorized producers and suppliers in the field of foreign trade, we support our customer network with Solar Lighting, Solar Energy Solutions, and LED Lighting Solutions.