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Agricultural machinery

FUTURESIA supports agriculture with agricultural machinery for cultivating, fertilizing, seeding, harvesting, and other tasks.



As FUTURESIA Global Trade, we have a wide and strong network in agricultural machinery sector. We provide quality, and reliable services from the first stage to the last. In addition to purchasing subsoiler, rotary cultivator, goble disc harrow, power harrow, rotary tiller, gears, and gearboxes for agricultural machinery etc.; we also organize sales activities all around the world. By means of our extensive marketing network, strong financial structure and professional staff specialized in the field; we implement optimum solutions in the shortest time possible.


We provide variety of product solution

We support agriculture with agricultural machinery for cultivating, fertilizing, seeding, harvesting, and other tasks. And also support agricultural machinery manufacturers with gears and gearboxes.


Experienced project manager

The FUTURESIA partners have extensive expertise in agricultural machinery and Gears and Gearboxes. We aim to be leaders in agricultural technologies with our partners support.


Best possible

Enable creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Explore, innovate and develop Machine Intelligence-based applications and infrastructures.


Agricultural Machinery

We are doing international trade of agricultural machines and equipments using modern agricultural techniques.


Gears and Gearboxes

We provide variety of product solution

We are at your service with all of our gearboxes belonging to Automotive and Agriculture Industry Gear and Agricultural Equipments.

Our partner that considers its production adventure over 40 years as a whole with its personnel of 100 employees within the framework of Understanding of Total Quality, from material quality to shipment, from technological standards to the quality of workers, successfully applies a process that is extremely developed and has international accreditation in production processes. That is one of the leading institution in its sector in Turkey with its more than 150 machine park and 12000 m2 factory in total which has 7000 m2 closed area takes place among the gear producers with the size and technology of its facilities.

We develop our production in order to meet needs of continuously changing market.

With the product and approach difference it introduces and also with the understanding of responsibility brought along it, our company shall carry on its works with a speed that’ll also increase hereinafter.

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Global capacity

FUTURESIA Global Trade progresses with the aim of serving the high service quality in Agriculture sector. We are working with the sector’s leader in Turkey, South East Asia and Asia countries. Our mission is to be customer focused, to offer the best quality and to respect for people, and environment.

Soil Tillage

fertilizer, Spreader

Soil Preparation


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Thanks to our authorized producers and suppliers in the field of foreign trade, we support our customer network with Agricultural Machinery, Gear and Gearboxes.