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A Roadmap For Export Entrepreneur

A Roadmap For Export Entrepreneur

Starting from the idea, starting from the idea phase, starting from the process of becoming a player in the global markets, an export company can follow some basic steps as a road map below. This list of 22 steps will be tailored to your liking and you will need to add deadlines. In this way, you get a scale / plan where you can evaluate your work, process and where you are.

We should keep these kind of checklists that we can create for each project like a pole star. Here is a roadmap for export enterpreneur.

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”


1 – Know yourself. Have a vision.

What we call business involves a large part of our lives. The area we choose to study determines the environment, culture and human types we will be addressing. So, we have to choose an area that we can do from the very beginning and for many years. This area may be a product such as cheese, or a broader sector such as tourism. “What Should I Do?” Before answering the question, we should do a lot of research and if possible, we should make small trials, such as working in that sector.

2 – Set your “Niche”. Select your “Segment”.

Focusing on a segment in your chosen area will be a strategy in many cases.

3 – Select your Company Name

The name of the company is the brand of the company. The choice of name must be emphasized.

4 – Protect your intellectual property rights.

Let’s do our brand and patent registration applications.

5 – Identify the outline of your company’s philosophy.

This philosophy will include beliefs, values, principles, vision and rules. This is the first step of corporate culture. Of course, it is possible for you to have a philosophy first as a founder. If this is not the case, you should work on this issue, get training or professional support. Then you should ensure that your team is involved in the identification or development of this philosophy. Ultimately, this philosophy should be written down and published, making a public commitment that the actions of your entire team (ie your company), including yourself, will be consistent with this philosophy.

6 – Set the goals of your company.

Don’t be afraid to set high and strong targets. Include your team in this process.

7 – Build a corporate culture where leaders can thrive and everyone can work happily.

8 – If you care about your employees and look after them, they also care about your business and look after your business.

Create a beautiful office environment for your employees; The courtesy and compassion within the office broadcast.

9 – Invest in R & D, design, and product development.

Consider how you can improve your products or services further.

10 – Work on corporate communication tools.

Develop corporate communication tools that convey your message to your customers, such as websites, catalogs, banners, presentations, and keep an eye on compliance.

11 – Get to know your customers; not just by name; Know what your problems are, what your expectations are.

12 – Get to know your competitors; technologies, marketing messages and methods, prices, know. If you are successful in any subject, please appreciate.

13 – Identify target markets.

Do this without forgetting that the world is actually a market, prioritize and customize your marketing activities, and get more effective results. Avoid markets or market segments where competition is dense and brutal. As a priority, prefer places where competition is less.

14 – Find many potential customers.

15 – If you work with distributors, make sure they can run the job. You have certain criteria in choosing a distributor.

16 – Work with representatives or agents for geographically remote markets or establish strategic partnerships.

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17 – Do not underestimate small customers

They are the water of your business. In most cases, working with 10 small customers is better than serving 1 large buyer.

18 – Excitement and enthusiasm are sometimes everything.

Show your excitement about your company, products or services in your meetings, conversations. Explain to your company’s employees what you are doing in overseas markets and your progress. They would be a partner in this excitement.

19 – The quality of communication determines everything.

Treat all people you are in touch with with respect and friendship. Everything is not business.

20 – Online and offline, every opportunity, but always with the right method of networking.

21 – Invest in online marketing.

22 – And finally, don’t forget to enjoy this trip.

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